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RMR has successfully created pathways for all types of organizations to realize and drive real, qualified lead opportunities to your funnel goals, increase sales and achieve accelerated growth.

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    Whether your business focuses on consumers, B2B relationships, direct sales or digital connections, a steady influx of quality leads is vital to your success. RMR has been able to provide quality and consistent leads to our clients for the last several years and now we are adding our Leads Service as its own program. We can and have successfully created pathways for all types of organizations to realize and increase their lead goals, which in turn become sales!

    Our proven methodology includes an in-depth evaluation of a company’s goals and a customized program of marketing, networking, advertising, and referral tools designed to drive real, qualified leads. This approach came out of our years of work with financial businesses, national real estate companies, insurance organizations and more.

    Our experience has enabled us to hone the key items that each industry needs to succeed:

    • In depth assessments of the company’s goals
    • Tracking opportunities to quickly be able to pivot to the best leads
    • Multiple sources of lead gathering to obtain opportunities/potential clients where they are
    • Always keeping ROI in our sights and as a priority.

    The tools we provide and utilize include email marketing, digital marketing, social media outreach and marketing, networking strategies, referral program development, digital advertising, TV and radio. All of these help drive real, qualified opportunities to your funnel. We lead the market to you!

    RMR Leads Service is a proprietary approach to growing leads and increasing sales for B2C, B2B, direct sales, and digital sales channel companies. RMR Leads Service is flexible and can be used as an in-house platform or outsourced to our expert team. Regardless of how you choose to use the Leads Service, you will always know that we are driving from the funnel down to push more qualified leads to you. Small budget or large budget, one to one relationships or a largely digital targeting model, we can bring the type of leads that are most critical to your company. And having a full-service marketing and PR firm behind this service means that we have the services to support the Leads Service, including marketing, advertising and PR.

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    Current Case Studies

    RMR Delivers Strategic Market Branding Response Results from Key Audiences in Days, instead of Months

    RMR Quickly Drives Sales for New Market Entry – $2 Million in 60 Days

    RMR Achieves Record Lead Volume and Conversion with a Targeted Niche Market

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