AARP Tax-Aide


AARP Tax-Aide is a long-term program, which was primarily funded internally until 2007.  In 2008, AARP turned to RMR to attract outside sponsors to invest in and grow the program to become the largest non-profit tax organization doing over 1.5 million returns annually. In an effort to help the Tax-Aide program gain more awareness, RMR created different types of collateral focused entirely on Tax-Aide. 


First, RMR created a brochure that showed potential sponsors the merits of advertising with AARP Tax-Aide. RMR also worked with AARP to create a letter that described the benefits of sponsoring the Tax-Aide program, which was sent to potential sponsors and revolved around the overall Tax-Aide theme of “national in scope, local in touch.”  The letter detailed the way that potential sponsors could get involved on a local and national level and talked about the types of cause marketing opportunities available.  It also told sponsors about the 20 million impressions and 40 million word of mouth references that come from the program each year.  Finally, RMR created advertisements for AARP that were used to get the word out about the Tax-Aide program and recruit potential volunteers and sponsors.  The ads featured more details about the program itself and how there were 32,000 volunteers who were helping people at 7,000 temporary locations such as schools, hospitals, banks, etc. in all 50 states.


Through the additional awareness created from the collateral produced by RMR, the Tax-Aide program has continued to grow in recent years.  AARP was able to attract sponsors to help fund the program, which is still helping millions of Americans with their taxes.  Through the advanced awareness and promotion of the program, Tax-Aide remains the largest non-profit tax organization in the country.