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2805, 2020

Marketing In a Downturn

Marketing In a Downturn By Robyn Sachs, President & CEO, RMR & Associates, Inc. There’s talk of a recession on the street and at the (virtual) office. Everyone has less money to spend. What were once considered necessities are now luxuries. What was once growth is now survival. And anyone with any [...]

805, 2020

15 Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a great way for non-profits to connect with people. Read these 15 tips from Forbes  READ HERE

3004, 2020

6 Important PR Elements

Use the 6 elements outlined in this article from Forbes to develop a great narrative for your company. Read the article HERE

704, 2020

Spring Cleaning for Your Press Releases

Top Tips to Give Your Press Releases a Spring Cleaning By Robyn M. Sachs President, RMR & Associates, Inc. Even with the Coronavirus, spring is a time of renewal, and that inevitable drive to clean and refresh. However, spring cleaning isn’t just for closets and rooms around the house. Your business needs [...]