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The 1-2-3s of Email Marketing

By Robyn M. Sachs President, RMR & Associates, Inc. Email marketing can be a huge asset to any organization. Unlike advertising, it can be sent to a carefully selected audience. Unlike public relations, you have total control over the message and the delivery. Unfortunately, it can also be tricky. In a medium where a 3% response rate is considered a success, you want to be sure to leverage every tool you can. The best way to do that is to pay attention to three basic components of your campaign: the list, the offer, and the creative. 1) The List The list alone is responsible for 60% of your campaign’s success or failure. You may have a compelling offer and great creative, but if it’s going to the wrong people, you’re wasting your time and money. If you operate an ice cream parlor in Germantown, MD, but are sending direct mail [...]

Tips, Tricks and Trends – Creating Facebook Ads

You may be considering Facebook advertising, but with so many options available it can be confusing.  Learn tips from a member of Hootsuite's brand team. How to Create the Perfect Facebook Ad in Minutes

In Business, Back to School Means Back to Networking!

The Power of 1:1 Marketing:  Networking By Robyn Sachs, President and CEO There’s no question that advertising and public relations – when done well – are essential, effective methods for reaching large groups of people, some of whom will become your customers.  But to be noticed, heard and remembered, nothing beats the power of 1:1 marketing. Now hold on just a second…I’m not suggesting you go door-to-door armed with your business cards and literature like an eager politician – though that is a type of 1:1 marketing.  And a powerful one at that!  Voters are far more likely to choose a candidate after they’ve met in person.  Why else would politicians go to such lengths to shake thousands of strange hands and cuddle scores of unknown babies? Networking at meetings and events. Why do you attend meetings and events?  If it were just to get and give information, email and [...]

RMR & Associates Moves Up To #6!

RMR & Associates Announces Continued Growth, Moves to #6 on The Washington Business Journal’s List of Top Public Relations Firms The award-winning integrated marketing firm continues to achieve new heights of growth and results for its clients and is constantly evolving to bring the most innovative services to the area’s fastest-growing companies Rockville, MD – August 23, 2018 – RMR & Associates, Inc. (, one of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area’s leading Integrated Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations firms, announced today that it continues to be highly ranked on The Washington Business Journal’s list of Top Public Relations Firms, up another spot to #6 from 2017.  The company will also be featured in the annual Book of Lists from The Washington Business Journal in December, 2018, marking its 11th consecutive year of ranking. RMR’s most recent growth is largely rooted in its expansion of value-added services to its existing client accounts, [...]

RMR’S Recommendations For Increasing The Productivity of Your Agency

RMR’S Recommendations For Increasing The Productivity of Your Agency By Robyn Sachs, President and CEO of RMR & Associates I wrote this article for companies who wanted to find ways to increase the productivity of their advertising and public relations agencies. If you have never worked with an agency before, we would like to share our recommendations with you. Rest assured, our team will also counsel and guide you to ensure our new partnership is a success. 1. Create a working partnership. The principals and executives of your advertising and public relations agency have marketing communications expertise in a wide variety of businesses and industries. In order to make the most of this valuable resource, treat agency members as part of your company, and include them in the strategic planning process. Because agency executives can play a powerful role in creating and promoting your public image, help them to understand what makes your [...]

Summer is Hot! Your Sales Collateral Can Be Too!

Eight Sure-Fire Steps to Better Sales Collateral By Robyn Sachs, President and CEO of RMR & Associates   You're in a face-to-face meeting, and someone has asked for more information about your company, product, or service. This opportunity calls for good sales collateral. Forget the "nobody reads them" myth. The truth is a customer with a problem to solve will read your brochure to see if you can help. Sure, it takes a salesperson to close the deal on a big-ticket item or customized service; but powerful collateral keeps you in the running. Like websites, weak collateral can eliminate you before the first cut. So here are eight techniques guaranteed to put more selling power into your sales collateral.   Start selling on the cover. A marketing brochure must answer the prospect's number one question: "What's in this for me?" Waste no time getting to the answer. Put a marketing [...]

Tips, Tricks and Trends – GDPR is here!

General Data Protection Regulation is here! Are you up to speed with what it means for you and your business? Read this article for a good overview of what it means, common misconceptions, and how to comply with the new laws even if you aren’t in the EU. Europe's GDPR to Set New Standards in Data Protection and Privacy Law

Tips, Tricks and Trends: How To Win at SEO

“The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” - Mark Twain… and SEO. SEO isn’t dead, despite what people are saying. How do you stay ahead of the pack? How To Win At SEO

Building TRUST To Make the Sale

Building TRUST to Make the Sale By Robyn Sachs, President and CEO of RMR & Associates   Imagine that you are shopping – it doesn’t matter whether your grocery shopping or preparing to buy large, high-tech office equipment – and you have the choice of buying from a well-known company with a good reputation, or one you’ve neither seen nor heard of before. Which one would you choose? Whether you’re deciding on a box of cereal or a high-end car, your choice is clear. People want to do business with someone they trust. And you can’t trust someone you’ve never heard of, can you? Build their TRUST to make the sale If your company’s name isn’t on the tips of your buyer’s tongues, how do you gain their trust so they’ll buy from you? Fortunately, this isn’t the puzzle it may seem to be. In marketing, we know the formula for building trust: Consistency of Message [...]