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Tips, Tricks and Trends – GDPR is here!

General Data Protection Regulation is here! Are you up to speed with what it means for you and your business? Read this article for a good overview of what it means, common misconceptions, and how to comply with the new laws even if you aren’t in the EU. Europe's GDPR to Set New Standards in Data Protection and Privacy Law

Tips, Tricks and Trends: How To Win at SEO

“The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” - Mark Twain… and SEO. SEO isn’t dead, despite what people are saying. How do you stay ahead of the pack? How To Win At SEO

Building TRUST To Make the Sale

Building TRUST to Make the Sale By Robyn Sachs, President and CEO of RMR & Associates   Imagine that you are shopping – it doesn’t matter whether your grocery shopping or preparing to buy large, high-tech office equipment – and you have the choice of buying from a well-known company with a good reputation, or one you’ve neither seen nor heard of before. Which one would you choose? Whether you’re deciding on a box of cereal or a high-end car, your choice is clear. People want to do business with someone they trust. And you can’t trust someone you’ve never heard of, can you? Build their TRUST to make the sale If your company’s name isn’t on the tips of your buyer’s tongues, how do you gain their trust so they’ll buy from you? Fortunately, this isn’t the puzzle it may seem to be. In marketing, we know the formula for building trust: Consistency of Message [...]

RMR Rollers go to Junior Achievement’s Bowl-A-Thon

The RMR Rollers had a blast at the Junior Acheievment Bowl-a-thon! Our very own Matt Potter won the High Roller-Male award for highest score of all the men that night. Great time, great fundraiser, great cause. Check out some photos from the event here.  

Tips, Tricks & Trends – Marketing

Email marketing is tough. Susan Gunelis, CEO of KeSplash Creative Inc. weighs in on four easy was to increase responses and sign ups to your email forms. Check out this Entrepreneur article. 4 Marketing Strategies That Can Increase the Effectiveness of Your Email Opt-in Forms  

Tips, Tricks & Trends: Social Media & PR

Make sure you are utilizing social media as part of your Public Relations strategy! Here is a Small Business Trends article discussing 10 tips they have on utilizing social media as a Public Relations tool. 10 Expert Tips for Using Social Media as a Public Relations Tool

Typo’s Happen

Embarrassing and sly, how do these typos somehow always get past our eye? By Robyn Sachs, President and CEO of RMR & Associates   Ode to the Typographical Error... ’Till the forms are on the press, it is strange how still it keeps. It shrinks down in a corner, and it never stirs or peeps – That typographical error, too small for human eyes – ’Till the ink is on the paper, when it grows to mountain size. The boss, he stares with horror, then he grabs his hair and groans; The copyreader drops his head upon his hands and moans. The remainder of the issue may be clean as clean can be, But the typographical error is the only thing you see. — Anonymous   In our proofreading experience at RMR, we have seen how your "mind’s eye" corrects typographical errors. With this amazing brain, we've found that the [...]

Tips, Tricks & Trends – Creativity

Here is an interesting Forbes article discussing the idea of how creativity may be ‘the most coveted skill of the future.’ Would you agree? Creativity Is The Skill Of The Future  

Tips, Tricks & Trends – Digital Marketing

What are we seeing now and what can we expect to continue to see in the Digital Marketing world? Check out this LinkedIn article listing out 20 Digital Marketing trends you should be looking out for. Top 20 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2018 And Beyond  

Tips, Tricks & Trends – Social Media

Here is an interesting Forbes article discussing how essential strategic social media is in the B2B arena. As explained in this article, your prospects are on social media - use these platforms to educate and inform! Strategic Social Media Is Essential For Driving B2B Sales

Tips, Tricks & Trends – Social Media: Twitter

Google and Twitter might be closer friends than we think. Read this Entrepreneur article discussing the relationship of Google and Twitter and how you can use Twitter to increase your company's visibility online. 3 Ways to Use Twitter to Increase Search Rankings

Does Your Brand Match Your Culture?

Does Your Brand Match Your Culture? By Robyn Sachs, President and CEO of RMR & Associates Your company’s brand is its image, or how people perceive the company. Typically, the true brand can be found within the company’s culture. So brand changes must start from within. Read more below to learn about understanding what your company’s brand truly is and if it’s not what you want it to be, how you can try to change it. It takes more than luck!   Your Brand is your Company's Identity Before you can change your brand or culture, you have to know what it is. In order to change your company’s brand, you have to first understand what it is and how you developed it. Your company’s brand is its image, or how people perceive the company. A brand isn’t something you give yourself or your company. It isn’t necessarily what management wants it to [...]

Tips, Tricks & Trends – Marketing

Here's a marketing strategy - make REAL human connections. This Inc. article expresses, "In today's mass-reach world, it is easy to be blinded by scale. But in a world of seemingly infinite reach, that one-to-one connection is more valuable than ever." Read Want to Build a Great Marketing Strategy? Start by Making Human Connections. Here's How and learn about 3 main tips on human connection and how they can help build your marketing strategy. Want to Build a Great Marketing Strategy? Start by Making Human Connections. Here's How     

Tips, Tricks & Trends – Creativity

Have you ever experienced a creativity block? Most everyone has. Creativity blocks are some of the most annoying and frustrating things. As much as you want ideas to keep flowing and things to keep moving forward, sometimes you just get -- stuck. Here is a CNBC article discussing tips to 4 sure-fire ways to stimulate creativity and get you out of those creativity blocks! 4 sure-fire ways to stimulate creativity  

Tips, Tricks, & Trends – Email Marketing

Take advantage of the opportunities you have with email marketing. "Don’t hide behind your email. Use it to express more of yourself," as stated in this Entrepreneur article. Read this 6 Keys to Email Marketing Success article to learn more about ways that can help make your email marketing be a success.6 Keys to Email Marketing Success