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2409, 2019

How To Explain the Complex in Under 1 Minute

Explainer videos are great for making complex information easy to understand. RMR & Associates has you covered, from scripting to development to promotion, to make the process of explaining your business, product, or service clear and simple for your target audiences. Check out the latest explainer video we produced for our client, [...]

1508, 2019

What Business Owners Need to Know about Pitching the Media

Getting the media to pick up your company’s stories and press releases is vital to keeping your company in the forefront of consumers’ minds. It’s rare that a Reporter picks up your story without it being pitched to him first. So, it’s crucial to make the pitch relevant and personal to the [...]

908, 2019

Bring New Products to Life Using 8 Simple Steps

The greatest challenge facing any new product is the FUD Factor—Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. This holds true whether you’re trying to influence Reporters, Editors, Prospects or Customers. Effective public relations not only eliminates FUD, it earns your product the dominant position in customer minds. In PR, like many areas of business, the [...]