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2506, 2020

Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Answer the 4 questions in this article by Harvard Business Review to develop a strong digital marketing strategy  READ HERE

506, 2020

Marketing During Rapid Change

Harvard Business Review offers insight into making quick marketing decisions during rapid change.  Read the article HERE

2805, 2020

Marketing In a Downturn

Marketing In a Downturn By Robyn Sachs, President & CEO, RMR & Associates, Inc. There’s talk of a recession on the street and at the (virtual) office. Everyone has less money to spend. What were once considered necessities are now luxuries. What was once growth is now survival. And anyone with any [...]

805, 2020

15 Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a great way for non-profits to connect with people. Read these 15 tips from Forbes  READ HERE

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