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Does Your Brand Match Your Culture?

Does Your Brand Match Your Culture? By Robyn Sachs, President and CEO of RMR & Associates Your company’s brand is its image, or how people perceive the company. Typically, the true brand can be found within the company’s culture. So brand changes must start from within. Read more below to learn about understanding what your company’s brand truly is and if it’s not what you want it to be, how you can try to change it. It takes more than luck!   Your Brand is your Company's Identity Before you can change your brand or culture, you have to know what it is. In order to change your company’s brand, you have to first understand what it is and how you developed it. Your company’s brand is its image, or how people perceive the company. A brand isn’t something you give yourself or your company. It isn’t necessarily what management wants it to [...]

Tips, Tricks & Trends – Marketing

Here's a marketing strategy - make REAL human connections. This Inc. article expresses, "In today's mass-reach world, it is easy to be blinded by scale. But in a world of seemingly infinite reach, that one-to-one connection is more valuable than ever." Read Want to Build a Great Marketing Strategy? Start by Making Human Connections. Here's How and learn about 3 main tips on human connection and how they can help build your marketing strategy. Want to Build a Great Marketing Strategy? Start by Making Human Connections. Here's How     

Tips, Tricks & Trends – Creativity

Have you ever experienced a creativity block? Most everyone has. Creativity blocks are some of the most annoying and frustrating things. As much as you want ideas to keep flowing and things to keep moving forward, sometimes you just get -- stuck. Here is a CNBC article discussing tips to 4 sure-fire ways to stimulate creativity and get you out of those creativity blocks! 4 sure-fire ways to stimulate creativity  

Tips, Tricks, & Trends – Email Marketing

Take advantage of the opportunities you have with email marketing. "Don’t hide behind your email. Use it to express more of yourself," as stated in this Entrepreneur article. Read this 6 Keys to Email Marketing Success article to learn more about ways that can help make your email marketing be a success.6 Keys to Email Marketing Success     

Tips, Tricks, & Trends – Branding

The Brand-- It is an important part of every business. And when it comes to brand revitalization, there are probably some things you should keep in mind along the way. This Biz Journal article states, "Brands are living things...They exist in a dynamic, ever-changing marketplace... brands must learn, grow and adapt." Check out this Biz Journal article discussing 5 steps to brand revitalization.5 steps to brand revitalization    

Tips, Tricks, & Trends – Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a great and necessary platform when marketing your business. According to this Entrepreneur article, "As of June 2017, the channel boasts more than 2 billion monthly active users and an impressive 1 billion+ daily users." Using Facebook and even more specifically, Facebook Ads, can be a very useful resource. Here is an Entrepreneur article that discusses steps you can take to ensure your Facebook Ad sells.Step-by-Step, This How You Create a Facebook Ad That Sells    

Tips, Tricks, & Trends – PR

Here is an interesting and informative Business 2 Community article discussing how using B2B PR in SEO can help BOOST your results!How to Use B2B PR in SEO to Boost Your Results      

You Can Love Your PR Firm

5 Secrets to Picking the Perfect PR Firm  By Robyn Sachs, President and CEO of RMR & Associates   Successful PR campaigns propel your company to greater awareness and grow your business. By using these steps, you can select a PR firm that will help you meet, and even exceed, your business goals.   These five questions will help you find the Public Relations firm that fits your growing business. If you're looking for new ways to grow your business - and who isn't? - it's smart to turn to a public relations firm. The right PR firm can devise a strategic, integrated plan that maximizes your resources to give you the best return on your financial investment. But PR firms are not all the same. Some specialize in certain industries. Some may not have the right media contacts for your business. So how do you know what you're really [...]

Tips, Tricks, & Trends – Facebook Advertising

Facebook can be a very effective tool to advertise your business! Here is a Forbes article that outlines some tips that can help your Facebook advertising campaigns to reach their full potential of effectiveness.Six Tips For An Effective Facebook Advertising Campaign

Tips, Tricks, & Trends – Twitter Social Media

Twitter's character limit can be a blessing or a curse given what exactly you are trying to say and how few characters you are able to say it in. They recently just expanded their character limit to 280! Here is an interesting Forbes article discussing the pro's and con's of Twitter's character count expansion and how this change will impact how marketers will tweet from now on.Will Twitter's 280-Character Limit Change How Marketers Tweet? 12 Pros Weigh In  

Tips, Tricks, & Trends – PR

 In this ever-changing world, we must not oppose change; instead, we must embrace it! Times are evolving and Public Relations is certainly changing with it. Read this Forbes article that discusses How To Optimize Your Public Relations In The Digital Age. 

RMR & Associates Announces Banner Year, Record Growth

RMR & Associates Announces Banner Year, Record Growth The award-winning marketing firm launches new website to highlight new areas of services, expands its team and client base   Rockville, MD – January 16, 2018 – RMR & Associates, Inc. (, one of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area’s leading Integrated Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations firms, announces today that it achieved a banner year for growth and evolution in 2017 as demonstrated by significant increases in its staff and clients, and the launch of its new, dynamic website. This recent growth the company has experienced in 2017 has been propelled by multiple expansions in its service offerings including: Sales/Marketing Integration; Telesales/Lead Qualification; Fundraising for Non-Profits; Expanded Digital/SEO Services; and Direct Response TV Services. In 2017, RMR added two full-time members to its in-house Public Relations team, Matt Potter and Lia Walton. Both in the Public Relations Coordinator role, Matt and Lia serve [...]

2018 New Year, New Marketing!

  Discover 6 Ways to Use Great Creative in 2018 to Gain the Attention of Your Market By Robyn M. Sachs Finish this sentence: "Certs with Retsyn gives you ___, ____, _____ ______ ___ ____." If you were able to supply the missing words "two, two, two mints in one," you are a living, breathing example of the effectiveness of advertising creative. This Certs breath mint ad ran decades ago, yet most people can still spout it off as if they had just viewed it this morning. This creative scored well because the message was concise, memorable, benefit-orientated, frequent and distinctly unique. Of those five attributes, being distinctly unique is the most important. “We're fighting for attention in a noisy world,” says RMR President Robyn Sachs. “Surveys show that readers, viewers and listeners give you only two-seconds to gain their attention. If you can't stop the reader, viewer or listener, you've wasted [...]

RMR’s New Web Design!

Check out RMR's striking new web design for our happy client, BRMi, with easy-to-navigate landing pages that emphasizing their technology applications and expertise. Visit the web page here: BRMi

Come Out For a Night of Fun! Bowl for Kids’ Sake

RMR is excited to announce the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the National Capital Area event, 2017 Bowl for Kids' Sake at Bowlero in Centreville, VA.  Register your team of 6 for a fun-filled evening. 2017 Bowl for Kids' Sake - Bowlero Centreville, VA Where: Bowlero Centreville, VA 13814 Lee Highway, Centreville, VA 20120. When:  June 9, 2017 from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Register Here! Come join us for a night of fun and games supporting a great cause! Register your team of 6 for 2 whole hours of unlimited bowling fun for just $1,200! With your full team, that's only $200 a player, which helps support a single One-To-One mentorship for an entire year! If interested in sponsorship, please contact Masada or Caiti for more info. You may also fundraise for this great event without creating a team, or make a one-time donation Here. For More Information, Please [...]

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RMR Announces Guy Shields as New SVP

Award-Winning Integrated Marketing Firm Taps member of US Army Public Affairs Hall of Fame, former leader of Communications for Raytheon IDS and Chief of Communications for Large Military Non-Profit to Lead RMR’s New Cyber Communications and Non-Profit Business Lines   Rockville, MD – March 29, 2017 - RMR & Associates, Inc. (, one of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area’s leading integrated marketing, advertising, and public relations firms, announces today that it has tapped Guy Shields, a retired U.S. Army Colonel, US Army Public Affairs Hall of Fame member, former Senior Manager for Communications for Raytheon and Communications Director for one of the nation’s largest Military Non-Profits, to become its newest Senior Vice President. In his new role, Shields will hold multiple responsibilities, including leading RMR’s Cyber Communications and Crisis Communications offerings, its Military Non-Profit Marketing and Revenue Growth Strategy offerings, and Government Contractor Communications and Engagement services. This addition to the leadership team [...]