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Tailoring Your Marketing Outreach

Account-based marketing can be extremely beneficial to your company.  Learn more in the Forbes article Maximize Account-Based Marketing with a Multipronged Approach

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How To Explain the Complex in Under 1 Minute

Explainer videos are great for making complex information easy to understand. RMR & Associates has you covered, from scripting to development to promotion, to make the process of explaining your business, product, or service clear and simple for your target audiences. Check out the latest explainer video we produced for our client, Petalo.ai. In less than 56 seconds, we were able to clearly communicate the benefits and features of their new platform offering, to make it easy for viewers to understand and absorb.  Click on the image below to view the video How can we help you tell your story through an Explainer Video? Contact us today for more information at (301) 230-0045 ext. 190 and ask for Rachel.

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Two Are Better Than One: RMR & Associates Named to Multiple Rankings for the 2019 Washington Business Journal Book of Lists

Rockville, MD – August 16, 2019 – RMR & Associates, Inc., one of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area’s leading Integrated Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations firms, announced today that it has achieved another year of ranking on not just one, but two lists compiled by The Washington Business Journal in its Annual Book of Lists. RMR & Associates was included on both the Top Advertising Agencies and Top Public Relations Firms lists for the DC Metro Area in 2019, at #16 and #12, respectively. This year’s ranked companies were featured in the August 2, 2019 issue of The Washington Business Journal. Being named to both lists this year is particularly impactful to RMR as the firm has continued to expand its value-added service offerings to exceed its clients’ expectations, often leveraging a combination of advertising and traditional media as well as social media strategies to propel its clients forward. The Washington Business Journal publishes its rankings of local companies by various categories, business types, and professional themes throughout the year. This year marks RMR’s 12th consecutive year of inclusion on the annual rankings, a testament to its expertise and industry leadership that continue to amplify its role in increasing the [...]

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What Business Owners Need to Know about Pitching the Media

Getting the media to pick up your company’s stories and press releases is vital to keeping your company in the forefront of consumers’ minds. It’s rare that a Reporter picks up your story without it being pitched to him first. So, it’s crucial to make the pitch relevant and personal to the Reporter’s beat. Here are four simple steps on how to pitch your story more successfully. 1. Story Eclipses Everything Everyone loves a good story—and Reporters are no exception! When pitching about your product or service, remember that it’s not about the product or services, it’s about people and lives. If you can bring in a human aspect, something that invokes emotion, Reporters will be more likely to pick up your story. Before you reach out to a Reporter, ask yourself, “what is the story and why will people care?” 2. Reporters are PRODUCERS Gone are the days where Reporters only write articles and nothing else. With the move to online and digital platforms, Reporters have to create content that appeals to all audiences. That means using pictures, videos, infographics, graphs, and much more to catch and hold readers’ attention, as well as concisely convey the message. If you [...]

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Bring New Products to Life Using 8 Simple Steps

The greatest challenge facing any new product is the FUD Factor—Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. This holds true whether you’re trying to influence Reporters, Editors, Prospects or Customers. Effective public relations not only eliminates FUD, it earns your product the dominant position in customer minds. In PR, like many areas of business, the 80-20 rule applies. In this case, 20% of the market influences the other 80% of the market. In his book titled “The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding” author Al Ries says, “The birth of a brand is achieved through public relations, not advertising.” When your product is first in its category, effective PR not only brands your product, it can make that entire product category synonymous with your product’s name. For example, if I say, “a candy with a hole in it,” it’s likely that the first thing that pops into mind is “Lifesaver.” Other recognizable examples are the first adhesive bandage, Band-Aid, the first cable news network, CNN, the first portable personal computer, Compaq, the first microprocessor, Intel, and the first cotton swab, Q-Tip. Effective PR informs, educates and influences Editors by providing them what they most want to provide their audience—what’s new, what’s first and what’s [...]

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Improve Sales Results with Marketing Integration

Once upon a time, an enterprising company hired a Marketing Firm to create a dynamic, multi-faceted campaign that included advertising, PR, and targeted email.  A few days after the campaign broke, the company received an envelope containing a check and a note saying, “I’ve been waiting forever for a product like this!  Send me 1,000 of them right away!” The CEO ran to the bank with that check immediately, ran back, and waited for the next day’s mail.  And the next, and the next and the next….and guess what happened?  Nothing!  That’s because the chances of receiving a large order without a nudge or phone call from your sales staff is roughly the same as receiving a bucket of magic beans.  Far better to follow standard protocol – once your marketing campaign breaks, have your sales people step in, follow up on the leads, and close the deals. “Sales and Marketing” are often lumped together as if they were one function, when in fact they are distinct, separate functions that need to work together. The role of marketing communications (MarCom) is to create your brand image, make your target audience aware of your brand or product through “Air Cover”, and [...]

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