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Marketing In a Downturn

Marketing In a Downturn By Robyn Sachs, President & CEO, RMR & Associates, Inc. There’s talk of a recession on the street and at the (virtual) office. Everyone has less money to spend. What were once considered necessities are now luxuries. What was once growth is now survival. And anyone with any sense is slashing their marketing budget. Right? Wrong. Absolutely wrong. In my experience, when your marketing budget is correctly spent, you can generate even greater return during lean economic times than during prosperous ones. You could even gain a permanent market advantage. So, before you panic, read on for three reasons now is the time to double down on your marketing efforts. Marketing works harder during a recession It’s true. The brave souls who stick to their advertising guns during a recession can gain even greater sales advantages than during easier times. Let’s look at it historically. A McGraw-Hill Research study of business-to-business advertisers, for example, showed that companies that maintained or increased their ad budgets during the 1981-82 recession reaped an eventual advantage of 256% higher sales over companies that cut spending. A similar study by Meldrum and Fewsmith, Inc. about the 1974-75 recession reinforced this finding. And a study by [...]

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Spring Cleaning for Your Press Releases

Top Tips to Give Your Press Releases a Spring Cleaning By Robyn M. Sachs President, RMR & Associates, Inc. Even with the Coronavirus, spring is a time of renewal, and that inevitable drive to clean and refresh. However, spring cleaning isn’t just for closets and rooms around the house. Your business needs it, too – and your outward-facing communications vehicles are a great place to start. Here are a few tried-and-true tips to get your organization’s press releases into top shape this season: 1. Commit to a strategy. In a press release, focus, approach, and the logical presentation of information isn’t just preferable – it’s crucial to ensure you catch the attention of the editorial teams who are being inundated from all angles with other news at the same time. Additionally, your piece should focus on answering the questions “What’s in it for me?” and “Why should I care?” that Reporters will inevitably be asking. The sheer volume of information and spam that we have to filter through on a daily, even hourly, basis requires a strict emphasis on providing concise, focused data to communicate clearly and prevent the reader from simply scrolling to the next story. Remember that your [...]

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How to use PR to Build on Social Media Stardom

How to use PR to Build on Social Media Stardom By Robyn Sachs, President & CEO, RMR & Associates, Inc. Social media stardom brings its own brand of panache. Legions of followers and influencers affirm the value and credibility of your brand in digital channels. So why use PR to reinforce and grow your visibility? The truth is, PR is an essential element to not just build on the awareness you’ve already achieved, but to ensure your brand is primed for growth and has the staying power necessary to ensure you’re not just a passing trend on social media. The decision to implement a consistent, targeted public relations campaign is a key strategic move to help you leverage your brand for maximum visibility and awareness. Doing so helps you amplify the awareness you’ve built already and take it to the next level. If you’re curious about how to effectively leverage PR to achieve greater influence, add to your followers and mentions and create lasting growth, here are some top tips to consider: Lead with your expertise When you’re planning your PR campaign, ensure your company’s expertise and unique selling propositions (USPs) are center stage. The knowledge you and your team [...]

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