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Paid or Organic Marketing?

It's clear that marketing is a key to brand awareness.  But, is paid or organic marketing better to reach those goals? Read the insights in this article in Forbes READ HERE

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Time for a tune-up? Top tips to improve your email marketing engine in 2021

Email marketing is a powerful engine that drives visibility and cultivates prospects consistently over time, but it doesn’t run on autopilot. Effective email campaigns require regular maintenance and adjustment to perform at top efficiency and impact. Our team regularly discusses strategies to help clients maximize their email marketing efforts, and these are some tried-and-true tips to give your email marketing engine an overhaul and ensure it drives smoothly. Look under the hood. To get a clear sense of how your email marketing program is or isn’t working for your organization, assess the following: Frequency:How many emails are you sending out on a weekly and monthly basis? Are the numbers consistent week to week and month to month, or are they lopsided? Impact:Are your emails being opened and read by your target audiences? Review your open-rate data against the size of your overall distribution list to get a feel for how your emails typically perform and if certain subjects or types of distributions seem to be read by the most people. That can be an indicator of where to focus going forward. Clean up your lists. Just like the engine of a car, dirt and grime, in the form of incorrect [...]

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Marketing Metrics

Use the four marketing metrics detailed in this article in Forbes to develop successful video marketing campaigns.  READ HERE

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How to pack your social media posts with viral power

How to pack your social media posts with viral power By Robyn Sachs, President & CEO of RMR & Associates, Inc. An organization’s communications approach should involve several levels and vehicles, from traditional public and media relations to email marketing to targeted advertising and more. Social media is the often-underrecognized vehicle that, when leveraged efficiently, can deliver exponential value and returns to cement and improve an organization’s image — many times for a fraction of the cost and time commitment. Over the years, I have had several clients come to us interested in adding a social media strategy to their marketing communications mix but not always certain about how to navigate the process to achieve the ultimate goal: viral distribution. The fact is, social media is rich in options, and the possibilities for targeting messaging and sharing content are virtually limitless. The real question for many companies becomes how best to use social media to achieve maximum impact. Here are some tried-and-true tips for packing your social media posts with the power they need to get above the noise and go viral. Play up the FOMO and grab audiences from the get-go Due to the massive amounts of content floating [...]

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