Kendall Capital Management


A leading financial services firm based in Montgomery County, MD, Kendall Capital Management (Kendall Capital) serves the ‘Middle-Class Millionaire’ across the Washington, DC area, as well as clients in Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New York, and New Hampshire, providing a range of financial and advisory services. The firm has enjoyed continued and significantly increasing success over its years in business largely as a result of its reputation for high-quality customer service, industry expertise, and value-driven results.  Kendall Capital came to RMR in July, 2012, in need of assistance with continuing to position the company for growth in the local area, increasing its awareness and recognition in its key target markets, and securing media placements in top publications to raise the company’s profile as a thought leader and expert among current and potential clients as well as the industry overall.


To accomplish Kendall Capital’s goals and proactively assist in its ongoing upward growth trajectory, RMR worked with the company to implement a targeted, integrated marketing communications campaign, comprised of regular public relations projects and announcements around key news items, proactive media relations outreach and follow-up to maximize Kendall Capital’s visibility in their top publications on an ongoing basis.

RMR also worked with Kendall Capital to secure authored articles and awards highlighting the company’s leadership, creative projects, and the establishment of a consistent Top of Mind Awareness campaign through Constant Contact to help Kendall Capital develop a closer and more consistent line of communication with current customers and target prospects. In addition to these efforts, RMR worked with Kendall Capital to develop a series of successful informational seminars in order to position Kendall Capital CEO, Clark Kendall, as an expert in financial planning and to increase the company’s overall awareness outside the family and friend network.


Now going into its second year with RMR, Kendall Capital achieved its goals for increased local visibility, as well as greater awareness in target publications as well as among current and potential clients to aid in the company’s ongoing growth efforts. The MARCOM program implemented and executed by RMR succeeded in generating placements for Kendall Capital in a number of target publications, including The Washington Post, 403 (b) Advisor, Financial Advisor, Guide to Retirement Living, Montgomery Magazine, and NAPFA Advisor,  as well as TV/broadcast interviews on Washington DC’s WUSA-9 WJLA’s Washington Business Report,  New York’s 1010Wins, and Chicago’s WBBM, among others. Kendall Capital also received several award recognitions over the first year of the program, including being named to the annual P&B 53 list from The Gazette of Politics and Business and the Top Financial Professionals List published by Northern Virginia Magazine. Kendall Capital was also recognized as a Premier Advisor by The National Association of Board-Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP) and as one of the Top Wealth Managers in the Mid-Atlantic region by Washington SmartCEO Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Program.

Also over the year through the success of the MARCOM program, Kendall Capital reached several key growth milestones on its continued path to expansion and increased business success, including expanding its staff, achieving the milestone of over $100 million in assets under management, growing its staff, and exceeding its growth target, reaching an explosive 36.8% increase in annual revenues between July 2012 and July, 2013.

Over the past year as a result of the successful MARCOM program with RMR, Kendall Capital successfully increased its awareness in the local area on the business level as well as through community participation and commitment. CEO Clark Kendall was named to several local boards, including the City of Rockville’s Financial Advisory Board, and the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Board, among many others, as well as lending his time to a number of community groups, such as the Olney Boys’ and Girls’ Club, the Olney Lions Club, and the Sandy Spring Museum, to name a few.

“I have been extremely pleased with the great results my company has received! Your efforts and results are keeping us hopping with leads and referrals and our company size has doubled since using RMR! The Washington Post article your team got me has produced millions of dollars in opportunities and revenue. The sales and new clients that resulted from The Washington Post placement paid for five years of RMR services!”

–Clark Kendall , CFA, CFP®, AEP President and Founder, Kendall Capital