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Telogy Networks (Texas Instruments): Case Study for an Integrated Communications Program

In the midst of developing and implementing new software technologies, Telogy Networks approached RMR to create an integrated marketing program. Using a three-stage advertising, direct marketing, and fulfillment campaign, RMR helped Telogy achieve enough visibility that they were purchased for 60 times revenue by Texas Instruments.

Telogy Networks went from being unknown to being a major player in the international VoIP market when RMR’s print, web, direct mail, collateral and public relations started working: from no press to 65 placements a month, from no leads to over 300 a month, from no market share to a $780 million sale to Texas Instruments. Now, virtually every “state-of-the-VoIP-art” article or multiple product review includes Telogy.

“RMR helped us gain market share we never dreamed of.”

Lynn Anne Miller, Director, Corporate Marketing, Telogy