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Customer Lead Generation

Robyn Sachs has headed RMR & Associates since 1987. As customer lead generation firms go, RMR is number one. She fully understands that gaining awareness demands a higher order of creativity. But we also know your marketing must get you customer leads. So we build accountability into every client’s program. Because we’re not just another marketing firm. We create programs that are affordablRobyn Sachse and measurably productive.

Robyn Sachs, President of RMR & Associates, one of the leading woman-owned marketing firms in the Mid-Atlantic region, located in Rockville, MD says: If you’re looking for customer lead generation , no one will work harder for you to achieve the results you want than we will. And we have the results to prove it!

Says Sachs: Let me explain a little more about the way RMR works when it comes to search engine optimization, and why you should go with this agency and its economical search engine optimization.

Here are the top ten reasons you should use RMR & Associates for your economical search engine optimization:

  1. The array of tasks to perform to promote your web site is large and complex:  RMR & Associates uses a combination of subscription-based databases, sophisticated software and over 25 years of programming background to optimize your web site from the technical side.Leading edge marketers with decades of experience bring their expertise to bear on the marketing side of web site promotion. Together, they give you the advantage of integrated marketing to drive more traffic to you web site, as well as to give your visitors compelling reasons to buy now. Once prospects arrived at your web site, we help you keep them there with highly effective techniques to start the exchange of value with you, ending in their conversion to clients.
  2. Just adding meta tags is not enough:  Adding meta tag keywords to your web site and submitting to hundreds of search engines that you’ve never heard of is unlikely to succeed. All it will get you is a prime position on the email list of hundreds of spam promoters that you’ve never heard of.
  3. You need to create & maintain pages that rank in the top 10-30 matches on the top 3 major search engines:   Google, Yahoo! and MSN are responsible for 35%, 32% and 12% respectively of the roughly 40 million searches per day. In other words, they account for 80% of all web searches. If you can take advantage of this volume of traffic, you may never have to look for leads from any other source. But, to do so, your prospects need to find you in the first 30 entries, or first 3 pages, preferably near the top of the first page. We can make that happen, and have for many of our clients to date.
  4. Images containing text and Flash presentations are useless to search engines: To a search engine, that wonderful imagery that you show in your state-of-the-art Flash presentation is just a big fat file, and it will pass over it in a heartbeat, losing all the valuable information inside the presentation. RMR & Associates will use highly effective techniques to get that information in front of the search engines so that your prospects can get the full benefit of your web site and your product or service offering, while still preserving the presentation that you worked so hard on.
  5. Web rankings need to be jealously monitored and protected: Your hard-won web rankings with the search engines need to be monitored every few days and any competition hat bumps you off the top spot needs to be flagged and dealt with as soon as possible in order to preserve the constant flow of leads that comes to your sales team from the web. Our sophisticated software monitors your various keywords on all the major search engines and sets off alarms whenever you drop in the rankings. It’s like an alarm system for your house. After all, once you achieve your web rankings, they become part of the “web-capital” of your company, and that needs to be protected.
  6. Rules governing ranking criteria vary from month to month and from search engine to search engine: We maintain extensive databases on the various preferences of each search engine and monitor the changes in those preferences every day. These databases tell us about frequency of keyword distribution, and hundreds of different aspects of your web site that search engines look for in order to rank your web site.
  7. Writing copy for web sites is an acquired skill: Juggling meta tags, titles keywords and body copy is difficult at best, and is made more difficult by the fact that no search engine has the definitive answer to what constitutes a “search engine-friendly web page”. In addition, of course, the web page has to be interesting to the human reader. This is not something people are born knowing how to do. It comes from years of training, combined with a wealth of web experience from folks who have been there from the start. RMR & Associates has those web experts on staff.
  8. You MUST avoid spamming the search engines:Yes, spam exists in the search engine world. You can spam in several ways:
    1. Create too many pages with not enough unique content
    2. Use key words too often in a single page
    3. Submit new pages too often to the search engines
    4. Adding irrelevant keywords to your web page to draw traffic
    5. And many, many more techniques you may never have heard of, that unethical search engine optimizers use to circumvent the search engines quality controls. The truth is, you don’t have to spam the search engines to get good rankings any more that you have to spam prospects to get good clients. Why use unethical techniques when you can so easily use highly effective ones that align your goals with those of the search engines; to provide optimized web pages that are easy for search engines to read and understand, that also provide the human reader with the information that they are interested in.
  9. Lag times vary from search engine to search engine as far as processing a submission is concerned: You need to monitor your web pages for inclusion into the main search engines constantly.
  10. You need to monitor traffic:  You must track traffic to your site to make sure that your new rankings actually translate into more visitors to your web site. In addition, you need to be aware of which keywords are working for which search engines, which new keywords are people searching on and finding you, and which keywords need tweaking to make them work for search engines that aren’t feeding you enough traffic.

Are you exhausted yet? Well we sure would be, if we didn’t have in place a concrete, sequential system for building qualified web traffic to your web site, monitoring the volume of that traffic and what those visitors do once they’ve arrived on your web site. You have the choice, but we think you’ll see the wisdom of using the experts to build your web-capital: