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Robyn SachsRobyn Sachs has headed RMR & Associates since 1987. As one of the top advertising agencies in Maryland, RMR fully understands that to gain attention, advertising demands a higher order of creativity. But we also know your advertising agencies in Maryland (or any other state for that matter), must sell. So we build accountability into every client’s program. Because we’re not just another one of the advertising agencies in Maryland. We realize that all of your marketing communications must be measurably productive.

Robyn Sachs, President of RMR & Associates, one of the leading woman-owned advertising agencies in Maryland, located in Rockville, Maryland says: If you’re looking for Advertising agencies in Maryland, no one will work harder for you to achieve the results you want than we will. And we have over 250 company and product roll-outs to prove it!

Says RMR President Robyn Sachs: Let me explain a little more about the way this firm works when it comes to advertising creative and why you should go with RMR.

Finish this sentence: “Certs with Retsyn gives you ___, ____, _____ ______ ___ ____.”

If you were able to supply the missing words “two, two, two mints in one,” you are a living, breathing example of the effectiveness of advertising creative. This Certs breath mint ad ran years ago, yet most people can still spout it off as if they had just viewed it this morning. This creative scored well because the message was concise, memorable, benefit-oriented, frequent and distinctly unique.

Of the five attributes, being distinctly unique is the most important. We’re fighting for attention in a noisy world. Surveys show that readers, viewers and listeners give you only two seconds to gain their attention. If you can’t stop the reader, viewer or listener, you’ve wasted your investment and you’ve communicated nothing.

Advertising is controlled communications designed to increase profits. Properly done, good advertising will increase brand preference, increase product trials and increase sales leads. All of which are designed to create more sales.

It’s very simple. If you can’t sell your product over time, you won’t be able to keep your doors open. As exciting as it seems, advertising is actually a very sober art and science. It’s a means to an end, and that end is to increase profits.

The pathway to achieving that end starts with answering the following three questions:

  • Who is my target market? RMR can help by defining who your buyers are, you’ll be able to select the most appropriate media vehicle (print, television, radio, Internet, etc.) to reach them.
  • What is it they want? Research your prospective market as thoroughly as your budget allows.
  • Why should they buy it from me? The reasons you list here will form the backbone of the creative that drives home your message.

Once you’ve answered the above questions, it’s time to build creative that succinctly and uniquely conveys your message and gives the viewer a call to action.

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