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Robyn SachsRobyn Sachs has headed RMR & Associates since 1987. This Media Relations firm in Northern Virginia fully understands that to gain attention, advertising demands a higher order of creativity. But we also know your Northern Virginia media relations firm (or a media relations firm in any other state for that matter), must get results. So we build accountability into every client’s program. Because we’re not just a media relations firm in Northern Virginia. We realize that all of your marketing communications must be measurably productive.

Robyn Sachs, President of RMR & Associates, the leading woman-owned ad agency of Northern Virginia, located in the Washington metro area, says: If you’re looking for media relations in Northern Virginia, no one will work harder for you to achieve the results you want than we will. And we have over 250 company and product roll-outs to prove it!


Why Have Media Training?

Media training and rehearsed press presentations are an integral part of a strategic public relations program and will help you define a “voice” for the organization to advance your corporate agenda and handle a variety of corporate communications situations. Strategic and proactive preparation of key company spokespeople to communicate with the media and use of a rehearsed presentation will be essential to consistently convey your corporate message and product, market, and corporate positioning to the media and analysts.

The message that you communicate to these influencers is central to your business success because it is through these third-party references that your target audience learns of and forms opinions about you and your products, services, and management.

Your potential customers rely on trade, business and local press to provide them with credible, third-party information about you and your competitors. It is important, therefore, that your spokespeople know, understand, and are prepared to deliver key corporate messages when speaking with the media. Your goal is to use multiple spokespeople to deliver that message.

RMR recommends media training as the means to ensure that your principals and spokespeople are able to handle any questions put forth by the press and analysts, and thus have an active role in building and shaping the media’s perception of you. Their perception of your message will have a direct impact on the readers’ perceptions and beliefs about the company. RMR has developed a customized, comprehensive media training program for your executives to professionally handle the media.

The benefits of training your spokespeople to communicate effectively with the media will be seen in what the media writes about you over the long term. Media training will help your principals to respond to specific questions effectively, and at the same time, to return the conversation to your key messages. Over time, your repetition of your product/service, market and corporate positioning (especially if supported by the market) will begin to be repeated by the press when referring to you.

Another key benefit of using media training to prepare your spokespeople for communicating with the media will be to enhance your ability to quickly and clearly communicate how you fit into the big picture. This ability will bolster the media’s desire to call you for comment and will improve the chances that you are included in key articles and stories about your central markets.

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