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Robyn SachsSpeaking of online PR for your company, RMR & Associates has helped roll out over 350 companies and products since it was started in 1987. Its hundreds of clients have made millions of dollars with RMR’s advice and assistance.

RMR is one of the largest online PR firms owned by a woman in Maryland dealing with Business to Business (B-to-B) and Business to Government (B-to-G) clients. These clients trust RMR, because RMR delivers the promise of the proposal. Because RMR has proven processes and procedures that guarantee that your company gets the progress reporting you need to give you comfort and confidence that your project will be a success. Because RMR will execute the necessary tasks relentlessly to deliver the results that are the promise of your proposal.

RMR is also one of the only online PR firms in the Washington DC area where the agency is also your one stop shop for other marketing vehicles that leverage your investment in your advertising program and give you the synergy that makes your integrated marketing program more than the sum of its parts.

  • Public Relations
    • Press releases
    • Authored articles
    • Feature articles
    • Award Opportunities
    • Speaking Opportunities
  • Web Marketing
    • Lead-Generating web sites
    • Email marketing campaigns
    • Search engine optimization (organic)
    • Search engine marketing (AdWords)
  • Trade shows
  • Positioning and Branding
  • Product launches

As PR professionals, you’ve probably had many occasions that you’ve created a masterpiece of writing and had it placed in a journal, newspaper or trade magazine. The article captures the essence of your product, service or company as well as its purpose. It answers frequently answered questions, explains the business and is thought-provoking as well as remark-able. If you’ve left it at that, you’re wasting a huge opportunity to leverage your article long after its publication.

Articles can be many times more valuable after they were first published than they were being published the first time. The printed word is powerful and persuasive. People will read and believe your article, simply because it was in print.You can leverage this in a multitude of situations. Use it to open a conversation, back up something you’re saying, close a sale, block an objection, get someone to call you, etc.

Here’s a list of 5 great ways to put the fruits of your PR labors to work!

  1. If you’ve won any best product awards, leverage it
    Feature them in your display ads, as well as on your point of purchase collateral. This practice differentiates you from your competition in the mind of your prospect, creating preference for your brand.  Make sure that the PR agency to go after such awards; you’ll be glad they did.
  2. Use your articles in your display ads
    You get much more credibility from combining PR with advertising than you would ever get separately. If you can say, “As seen in the Wall Street Journal”, or “As seen in last week’s edition of Business Week”, you get great third-party credibility. Ads can be viewed as boasting by prospects. PR is like having someone else give you a compliment. Customer rave reviews can have the same effect.
  3. Encourage prospects that otherwise won’t see you
    If a prospect won’t see you, perhaps an article can be your ambassador. It establishes you as a player in your sector, and gives you credibility. Assuming that there’s a fit with your product or service, you may improve your chances whereas before you were blocked.
  4. Send articles to your financiers, bankers and key vendors
    Give them a stake in your success and growth. There’s always something they can do to help you. Don’t wait until you need them to build credibility with them.
  5. Use articles to recruit (from your competition)
    If good applicants are scarce, be sure to let them see the articles written about you. Make a list of people you would like to employ and start sending them your articles. Sooner or later, they will reach out to you for employment. If it’s too soon for you, keep their information on file for future use. Keep sending them articles. If you use a headhunter, send them the articles, too. After all, they’re working as your proxy. Give them all the ammo you can.