On October 25th, The Gazette held their 5th annual P&B 53 Event at the Gaithersburg Hilton.  Below are some pictures from that event:


Laura accepting the award for Olney Theatre Center


RMR Senior Art Director Jim Cavender stands next to a thematic branding poster he designed for the 2012 Gazette P&B 53 Awards ceremony. Based on the show Cheers, the graphic and tag line express the theme of the award; “Where Everyone Will Know Your Name” after winning a spot on the 53 chosen companies list. The graphic was applied to print invitations, posters, a PowerPoint presentation, website banners and e-vites. Additionally, all attendees received a monogrammed Pilsner beer glass with the graphics as a take home gift. The annual event attracts hundreds of Maryland businesses and organizations to apply for the coveted 53 awards.


ICAT Team accepts their award


The team from Clark Kendall accepts their award


Jim Cavender accepting the award for Walker & Dunlop