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Robyn SachsThis PR Firm in VA was founded in 1987 and has been run successfully by Robyn Sachs as President since then. In that period it has helped roll out over 350 companies and products, giving RMR a breadth of experience that few other companies have. Its hundreds of clients have made millions of dollars with RMR’s advice and assistance. RMR’s proven processes and practices has great appeal in the high-tech, construction and logistics fields, where an analytic approach and planned execution are highly prized.

As the foremost pr firm in VA dealing with Business to Business (B-to-B) and Business to Government (B-to-G) clients, these clients trust RMR because RMR delivers the promise of the proposal. Our processes and procedures guarantee that you get the progress reporting you need to give you comfort and confidence that your project will be a success. Because RMR will execute the necessary tasks relentlessly to deliver the results that are the promise of your proposal, you get the certainty that what you ask us to do will be done.

Our pr firm in VA is also your one stop shop for other marketing vehicles that leverage your investment in your advertising program and give you the synergy that makes your integrated marketing program more than the sum of its parts.

  • Printed Marketing Materials
    • Ads
    • Direct mail
    • 2- and 3-dimensional mailers
    • Newsletters
    • Marketing and corporate brochures
    • Corporate identity packages and logos
    • Spec sheets and flyers
    • Product catalogs
    • Tradeshow exhibits
    • Premiums
    • Signage
    • Interactive Multimedia Presentations
  • Broadcast Advertising
  • Radio and TV spots
  • Public service spots
  • Jingles
  • Multimarket plans
  • Audio-video Presentations
    • Corporate videos
    • Video product demonstrations
    • Video news releases
  • Public Relations
    • Press releases
    • Authored articles
    • Feature articles
    • Award Opportunities
    • Speaking Opportunities
  • Web Marketing
    • Lead-Generating web sites
    • Email marketing campaigns
    • Search engine optimization (organic)
    • Search engine marketing (AdWords)
  • Trade shows
  • Positioning and Branding
  • Product launches

Says Sachs: Let me explain a little more about the way this firm works when it comes to marketing communications in Washington DC, and why you should go with RMR.


How to Use Marketing to Add Value to Your Company.

When writing a marketing plan for a high tech company, remember that high tech has a significantly higher FUD Factor (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) than consumer marketing. People are not going to agonize over buying a tube of toothpaste or a different brand of diapers. But they will agonize over buying technology. High tech marketing can really help with the FUD Factor by offering a combination of comfort, stability and confidence. High tech marketing also helps with positioning in the public’s mind. Positioning starts with the product (quick, name a round, hard candy with a hole in it), moves to the market (quick, name the car rental company who is #2 and tries harder) and finally, to corporate positioning (quick, name the leading manufacturer of PC microprocessors).

Typically, your marketing plan will call for positioning in this order of product, market, corporate. But if the market is hot, you can sometimes skip steps getting to corporate positioning faster — the place that can lead to acquisitions, public stock offerings and increased investment capital.

Once happy with your marketing plan, you’re ready to develop your marketing communications strategy. How will you present your message to your prospects? Consider these key points:

  • Define where you are today. Quantify your current market share and reputation.
  • Define where you are trying to go. Establish your goals in terms of market share and reputation.
  • Define how you can best get there. Identify the sales vehicles that best get you to where you want to be. These might include combinations of advertising, public relations, direct mail, Internet, tradeshows or telemarketing.
  • Define what it will cost. Remember that frequency over time equals results. The rule of seven reminds us not to ever run just one ad to “test the waters.” Your budget should be large enough to allow for frequency (at least seven impressions) over time.
  • Define how you will measure success. A good marketing communications agency will insist on measuring results, so it can prove its value. You can measure image, awareness, number of qualified sales leads,article placements, benchmark studies and sales stats.

What marketing communications should do for you, if it’s done right, is funnel out your best leads. This has been seen time and time again. If you begin to use higher reach vehicles like the Internet, advertising and public relations, you will get more and higher quality leads that will literally lower your cost of selling. Once the marketing plan has been written, it is important to evaluate the program at least once a year. In particularly volatile markets, evaluation may need to be done even more frequently. Markets are not stagnant, so effective marketing plans cannot afford to be either. By using these tools and keeping yourself informed about the markets you are in, as well as the markets you would like to play in, you can add value to your company and help build image and awareness and ensure that you too are positioned to take advantage of opportunities.

Robyn Sachs is the president of RMR & Associates, a full-service advertising, marketing and public relations firm based in the Washington metropolitan area that specializes in the high tech industry and is known nationally for its innovative campaigns. Or call Robyn today at (301) 230-0045 x200 or email us below and tell us what you’re working on. We’ll let you know how we can help!