One Of Washington’s Top Marketing Firms Marks a 20-Year Milestone
Company has stayed successful despite the ups and downs of the marketplace

ROCKVILLE, MD-October 23, 2007- RMR & Associates, the Rockville-based, woman-owned marketing, public relations and advertising firm marks its 20th anniversary today, and president Robyn Sachs and her employees truly have seen it all.


“We’ve seen dot coms boom, bust and boom again,” noted Sachs. “We’ve seen every part of technology fall in and out of favor with venture capitalists and Wall Street.”


Some of RMR’s clients have become dominant players in their industries (AOL) or raised their profile to become attractive takeovers (Telogy, acquired by Texas Instruments). Others have disappeared, or changed so radically that their founders wouldn’t recognize them.


Consistently named to the list of Top 25 Public Relations Firms by The Washington Business Journal, RMR’s award-winning client service and creative work includes nearly 400 corporate roll-outs that RMR has implemented. The company’s 20-year roster of clients includes AOL, USA Today, Duron Paints, Texas Instruments, PostNewsweek Tech Media, Capterra, eStara and many others.


“Many companies don’t make it to the 20-year mark,” said Sachs. “We’ve not only made it, but we’re thriving and growing.”


“It’s really our clients who are responsible for our success over 20 years,” added Sachs, who was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998 and who has been on the list of The Washington Business Journal’s Top 25 Woman Business Owners every year since 1991. “We’ve been fortunate to have clients who share our drive and vision.”


One of those visionary clients, noted Sachs, is providing the setting for the firm’s anniversary party: Redrock Canyon Grill, an expanding restaurant group with locations in Silver Spring and Gaithersburg, Maryland, Centreville, Virginia, and a new location in Orlando, Florida. “The food,” according to Sachs, “is familiar, but with a twist, and once you’ve tried it you’ll never forget it.”


Just like RMR itself.


About RMR & Associates, Inc.

Headquartered in Rockville, MD, RMR & Associates, Inc. (RMR), has been addressing the unique needs of clients serving commercial, B2B, government and IT sectors for more than 19 years. RMR’s integrated marketing includes public relations, advertising, direct mail, media buying, list rental, Website design and interactive marketing. RMR’s unique national experience and knowledge base has helped to build an extensive network of key contacts among venture capitalists, key organizations and key business leaders. With more than 375 product and company rollouts and repositionings, RMR has garnered results for local, national and international clients such as AOL, Insoft Corporation (acquired by Netscape), Telogy Networks (acquired by Texas Instruments), Spearhead Innovations, ServerVault, Yurie Systems (acquired by Lucent), Kastle Systems and many more by establishing solid brand and leadership positions within their respective markets.


For more information on RMR, please contact Seth Mininsohn at RMR & Associates, Inc., 5870 Hubbard Drive, Rockville, MD, 20852 by phone at (301) 230-0045 ext. 360 or by e-mail at General information can be obtained by accessing the Web site at