The New Age of Direct Mail

At RMR, communication is the key to our success, and we know that communicating with clients and prospects is essential to maintaining and building relationships, while continuing to position your company as the expert in your field. One cost-effective way to do this is to embrace the older marketing technique of direct mail and adapt it to the more current and common form of direct communication, e-mail. This week, we released an article from RMR’s President and CEO, Robyn Sachs, called “Direct Mail: Dinosaur or Dynamo?”, which specifically highlights best practices that one should keep in mind when thinking of running a Direct E-mail Campaign. The article touches on knowing your target audience, how to reach them and how to tailor your message to fit them. The key to any type of communication effort your company initiates is to always include a call to action. We’ll share our tried and true secrets for a successful Direct E-mail Campaign to secure that all your efforts will have a successful return.   What is your company doing to keep up communication with your clients or prospects?